As a producer or film owner you may be seeking to maximize your revenues through a representation agreement with a program distributor that deals with major programming executives on a routine basis.

For over 30 years, PRO has taken TV series, films and even entire archives to market, successfully placing them on hundreds of outlets each year.

PRO offers a complete service, from planning, presentation, business affairs, climate controlled element storage, and collection of revenues and royalties through out the term.

PRO works on a commission basis and earns money only when you do.

If you are the owner of a collection of films or broadcast content, we are interested in reviewing your materials. If suitable, we will offer you an exclusive professional representation agreement, enabling your program(s) to be presented to hundreds of top programming executives, who know PRO as a trusted source of programming to the industry.

Some material that is now being submitted embodies materials, suggestions or ideas substantially similar or identical to those, which have been submitted previously by others. Further, we may already be or plan to use material similar or identical to yours, which we received, from other sources.

Because of this, it is our policy to require the signing of the enclosed release before considering any unsolicited material, ideas, proposals, marketing or promotional plans, program formats, literary material, videos and musical compositions. Please read the release carefully and return a signed copy along with the material you wish to submit.

To submit your material please send a viewing copy in VHS or DVD /NTSC format a synopsis and THE ATTACHED DOWNLOADABLE RELEASE FORM to:

PRO Television Distribution
P.O. Box 2110
Hollywood, CA 90078