You've been watching us for years and you didn't even know it!

With more than 30 years of experience, The Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO) can keep you out of trouble when using film clips, copy written or in public domain. In addition to our own library, PRO can also seek, negotiate and acquire multiple clip licenses from outside sources, alleviating the difficulties faced when dealing with major studios.

From one clip, to one hundred, PRO has the library or connections to get the job done. We've represented hundreds of clients in this field and perhaps we can do the same for you.

Every clip licensed from PRO is all rights inclusive. That means there are no additional fees for music, name, image or likeness*. When licensing our copy written material, you are indemnified of any claims within the licensed territory and media for the term. All material is supplied on new broadcast quality beta SP stock with time code for effortless edits. You can expect the very best quality from our library and vendors. There's a reason PRO has been around since 1976.

Don't take the chance by getting "a deal" from a random web site or stock footage house. Why settle for sub-standard elements, questionable origin and lack of indemnification. Just a ten second clip can stop the sale or exhibition of your painstaking multi-million dollar production! No savings are worth the legal fees and your professional reputation.

Please e-mail us your request with the following information:

1. Title or episode from which you seek a clip.
2. The title of your production or network co-production.
3. The following requested-
(i) Territory
(ii) Media
(iii) Term
(iv) Number of exhibitions

We will respond promptly upon evaluation of your request.
Thanks for thinking of including PRO for your production needs.

Please e-mail your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.